Private and group French lessons for everyone!

Who we are?

  • IPEC is a professional institute for the teaching of French.

  • With its practice-oriented pedagogy, IPEC is developing a professionalized education program to contribute to the training of future francophones.

  • The Institute has been in existence for several years and its primary mission is to prepare young people for the mastery of French in order to transform them into tomorrow's leaders.

Our principles:

  • Quality: Self-assessment and continuous quality improvement will be applied. IPEC will put at the heart of its approach, student satisfaction,

  • Flexibility: In addition to academic knowledge, IPEC will recognize and value the experience

  • Motivation, equity, and citizenship: IPEC must be a space of intellectual influence based on the values of democracy, citizenship, and equity.

The strengths of IPEC:

  • It uses the content and pedagogy developed by French and Canadian professionals, the most advanced in their profession.

  • Thanks to the revolutionary teaching methods of Mix-Learning, our students study at their own pace, supervised remotely from British Columbia.

  • IPEC pursues its educational mission in a spirit of openness and fraternity, without any discrimination based on religious, ethnic, local or regional origin.

  • Our teachers use their experiences to pave the way for you to quickly access French. They stand out on the one hand by their high level of commitment to their students and on the other hand by their relational and experiential approach, adapted from A to Z to the needs of individuals, students who wish to learn French and develop communication. most effective with confidence.

  • Whether you choose to enroll in an IPEC private or small group French course, you will undoubtedly achieve the level of performance and confidence you aim for in your various French tasks. You will finally be able to learn French in a simple and sustainable way, using fully personalized, effective, and verifiable strategies that you will define with your teachers on a weekly basis.

  • Take your French lessons during the day, evening, or Saturday morning, in person or by video conference.